A Design for Twenty-Nine

I turned 29 on Tuesday! As I said in my last post I have some long-term goals to work on, and I’d be thrilled to accomplish any of them before I hit the big 3-0. Without any further fanfare, here’s my list:

  1. Learn to say ‘no’ without feeling guilty.
  2. Get my finances in order: Learn how to invest and make my IRA grow, establish savings, and solidify good spending habits.
  3. Be a better feminist and activist by volunteering and supporting causes I believe in and by being more vocal about those beliefs.
  4. Find a job/career I want, and pursue it.
  5. Ask more questions: I hold myself back from asking questions because I don’t want to pester people — and I know I miss out on a lot of information, and I’m afraid I come off as a bad friend because of my own insecurities.
  6. Write a novel. From start to finish!
  7. Improve my cooking/baking abilities. I want to have a few dishes in my repertoire that I can make well every time, without needing to stay glued to the recipe.
  8. Invest more in my health: Better, balanced meals, regular doctor’s appointments, earlier bedtimes, and varied and vigorous exercise.
  9. Run a 5k. I have walked many 5ks, but I have never been able to run that far. I doubt that I’ll ever have a great relationship with running, but I’d like to hate it a little less.
  10. Unplug more often. Social media is a wonderful thing but I need to learn to appreciate it in moderation.
  11. Learn how to network. People aren’t going to magically learn about me. I need to learn the art of sharing my strengths.
  12. Make the first move. I would like to date more but it’s been a long, long time since I’ve made the first move. It’s time to be bold!
  13. Read 52 books. I love, love, love reading, but I don’t make nearly enough time for it. I need to ‘unplug’ myself from my TV as well as from social media.
  14. Be more thankful. I need to spend more time appreciating what I have, not what I covet.
  15. Learn that money =/= love. There are better ways to show someone you love and appreciate them than by spending money. Gifts and gestures just need to be from the heart.
  16. Adventure more! I want to spend more time exploring my neighborhood, my town, my state. There’s so much to see and I’ve only experienced a small piece.
  17. Learn a new skill: Take a class, either in person or online, and expand my knowledge and abilities.
  18. Climb a mountain! I have unfinished business with South Sister, but any peak will satisfy me.
  19. Find a chore/life balance. I love to-do lists, but I also need to give myself the freedom to ditch the schedule. That being said, I need to also make the most out of my productive days.
  20. Accept that not everything will be #aesthetic. A perfect example: I really wanted this list to have 30 items — but why come up with 10 more, when I only have 20 things that are actually important to me?

I know that even if I only accomplish half of this list I will have done so much to better my life, and my future. It makes me so excited for the year ahead!

What about you, dear reader? Are you someone who makes resolutions throughout the year, or just at New Year’s? Are you someone who made a pre-30 to-do list too? Hit me up in the comments and tell me your story! Let’s craft our best lives together.


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